Meet Izzy

Ismahene has been part of the local restaurant and hospitality industry for over 20 years. She has worked her way through the kitchen as a cook, bartender, server, and manager. All of which gave her valuable skills in running the front and back end of the house. With such extensive experience and her dream of leaving her mark in the Wichita food business, Izzy’s Soirée was born in the summer of 2020. 

Ismahene was inspired to begin a career in the food and entertainment arena while a teenager in her hometown – Paris, France. She draws on her international background for inspiration and creating diverse and elegant menu options for every theme and event. Her goal is to provide a one-stop catering and bar service to meet everyone’s event needs.  Ismahene prides herself on not only her memorable food and drinks but her personal and attentive service. 

When she has some free time, you will find her hanging out with her husband Les and son Ethan, and her dogs. She is usually either in the kitchen, hosting a happy hour, and sharing new recipes on the patio at their “city” ranch in Andover along with friends, family, and neighbors, or traveling to the next beach, mountain, or lake destination.